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Find Used Pipe - Including Used Steel and Oilfield Pipe

  • New and used pipe
  • Vineyard end posts
  • Ag wires & T posts
  • Livestock panels
  • Galvanized chain link
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Used Pipe Makes Great Corrals and Fencing!

Used steel pipes, oilfield pipes and many other types of used pipe are ideal for use in agricultural industries. Many people choose used pipe for cattle corrals, horse corrals and vineyard end posts because it's economical and helps keep animals and crops safe and contained in a manageable area.

Why Coast Pipe?

Located in Paso Robles, the heart of wine country and agriculture, we are here to provide reputable products and services to accommodate all of your needs. We have a lot of different products that we can order, so please call for pricing on any of your ag specialty product needs. We also deliver statewide if you are not able to pickup large items.

Mission Statement

Coast Pipe seeks to be the leader in customer service and product availability for the pipe and fencing business throughout the state of California. We will achieve this by being the first call a customer makes for their material and hauling needs, treating all our customers the same, and making their satisfaction our number one priority while offering a profitable competitive pricing structure.

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