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Used Pipe for Horse Panels And Fencing

Horse Corral Fencing Made Easy with Used Steel and Oilfield Pipe!

Used pipe makes for ideal horse panels and strong fence. Unlike wood, which can weather over time and become unstable, used pipe fencing is perfect for horse corrals and panels because of its durability and ability to withstand the elements or heavy use.

Here are a few more reasons why used pipe helps make horse corral fencing easy and hassle-free.

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Building the right corral for your horses is the first step in making sure they can easily be contained and monitored. Whether you are interested in building an arena, riding pen or fencing off the pasture, we carry a variety of used pipe sizes and other materials to help you get the project done.

Used pipe corrals are an excellent way to keep your horses in a contained, manageable area. Our used pipe and materials can be used to make horse shelters, stalls, barriers and open areas. Horse corrals made out of used pipe is also easily expandable, so that as your operation grows, there's no need to pack up and move everything to maintain your corral.

Contact Coast Pipe or stop by and see the many types of horse panels and pipe fencing we offer. Whether you're looking for new or used pipe for your horse corral, chances are, we have exactly what you need, ready for pick up or bring to you.



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