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Benefits of Used Pipe Cattle Panels for Cattle Corrals

Used Steel and Oilfield Pipe Cattle Panels is Ideal for Cattle Containment, Longevity and Durability.

At Coast Pipe, we pride ourselves on stocking new pipe, used oilfield pipe and steel products that are perfect for building cattle corrals. There are several advantages in buying used pipe for cattle corrals instead of expensive commercial systems.


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Having a properly-constructed corral is important for several reasons. Whether you want an easy way to contain your cattle for sorting or moving, or you want a temporary place to store them in the winter or summer, the right cattle corral material can make a major difference in the safety and efficiency in handling the animals

Cattle corrals and Cattle Panels built out of used pipe will withstand the elements better than other materials. Cattle corrals can be designed and built specifically to meet your needs and location. They can be easily expanded and will last for many years without much maintenance.

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